who we are

In 2001 some of the most important cultural-gastronomical instituations of Basel teamed up to represent their interests towards the authorities and the public as a collective.

The union’s vision is to create the bases for a value-free, harmonious interaction between locations, authorities and the public, paving the way for innovative ideas and concepts.

The K&G-locations make for a lively and innovative cultural- and gastronomical scene of Basel. Their corporate culture attaches importance to both economical and ideologic issues and cherishes those in- and outwards.

The union funds ist acitivities by the annual membership fees and extraordinairy benefits at third hand. The union is organised by the general assembly, the board and the auditors.


Verein Kultur & Gastronomie    Postfach 1227    4001 Basel    info [ät] kulturundgastro[punkt]ch