what we do


  • to reduce rivalry between the locations, promote solidarity and synergies
  • to bring together affiliated institutions and industries
  • to improve the contact to the authorities
  • to improve the contact to political committees


  • office for member’s concerns and point of contact for interested persons
  • consulting, point of intersection and intermedition / transfer to competent departements
  • events and newsletter about cultural and gastronomical issues


  • board-meetings about strategic directions
  • work on political and cultural-gastronomical issues where required in association with related institutions (e.g. Kulturstadt Jetzt)
  • participation in political hearings, drafting statements to relevant subjects
  • approaching an cultivation of caontacts to opinion leaders from politics and society
  • public relations, media relations to conscientize the public for the union’s matters
  • events, promotion and image campaigns for union and its members



Verein Kultur & Gastronomie    Postfach 1227    4001 Basel    info [ät] kulturundgastro[punkt]ch