Zum Isaak

At Zum Isaak you'll be served varied lunch meals and excellent dinner menus of a seasonal organic-based cuisine alongside a great selection of fine European wines. The historic building at the old quarter provides a cultural cellar for events of all kinds and hosts banquets up to 30 persons. The former residence of Isaak Iselin unites gastronomy, culture and enjoyment opposite the Basel Münster!

open everyday, seasonal organic-cuisine, downtown, banquets
Mon - Sun: 11.00am - 11.30pm
Open everyday
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Zum Isaak
Münsterplatz 16, 4051 Basel
+4161 261 47 04
info [ät] zum-isaak[punkt]ch

Verein Kultur & Gastronomie    Postfach 1227    4001 Basel    info [ät] kulturundgastro[punkt]ch