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Tapas del Mar - Spalenburg

From niblets to proper feasting restaurant «Tapas del Mar» - Spalenburg takes ist guests on a culinary journey to the land of Tapas-culture and proves that south really starts at the heart of Basel. Classy wines, aperitif the Spanish way, enjoying tapas y vino until late at night, live music or take away: in the midst of the historic city of Basel you'll be experiencing fervently Spanish evenings! In Tapas Veritas!

Tapas y vino until late at night, downtown, Viva España
Mon - Sat: 12.00am - midnight
Sun: 05.30pm - 11.00pm
Nonstop hot food
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Tapas del Mar - Spalenburg
Schnabelgasse 2, 4051 Basel
+4161 261 99 34
spalenburg [ät] tapasdelmar[punkt]com

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