Kulturstadt Jetzt

Since 10 years Kulturstadt Jetzt is active in the promotion of culture and enlivenment of the city. 3 petitions and 2 initiatives with 30'000 attested signatures have been submitted.
Supporters: RFV Basle, Kultur & Gastronomie, Im Fluss, youth-culture-festival (JKF).
Candidates: Daniel Stolz FDP, Tobit Schäfer SP, Elias Schäfer FDP, Christian Moesch FDP, Patrik Aellig SP, Martin Stächelin FDP, Kerstin Wenk SP, Claudio Miozzari SP, Karl Linder GLP, Sebastian Kölliker SP, Daniel Jansen SP, Mirjam Ballmer Grüne

The cross-party committee for promotion of culture and enlivenment of the city
WE ARE THE CITY: conjoint we're bringing culture and Basle together.
Common land for everyone - citizens ante paragrafs - opening instead of barricading
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Kulturstadt Jetzt
c/o C. Miozzari, Konsortium 813, 4001 Basel
076 374 24 43
info [ät] kulturstadt-jetzt[punkt]ch

Verein Kultur & Gastronomie    Postfach 1227    4001 Basel    info [ät] kulturundgastro[punkt]ch